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    "It is a joy to hear this from a job as Lili Araujo, remains a

legitimate one from a family of singers-songwriters, including, in previous generations, as well as myself, clever girls like Fatima Guedes and Rosa Passos.

    Earlier, we had to open our ways with race, a hip and courage. There were few, we are more, which only proves that it was worth.

   And this CD demonstrates, there is an owner of his own voice musical ideas with their own musical thinking and designing well-defined. No more need to make a stand for the genre, finally.

    I like to hear Lili too. Good songs to listen to. Beautiful voice, ripe and ready to enjoy the songs, knowingly. The impression left by the end of a first hearing, is that she knows exactly what to do - and does. 


Welcome to the club, Lili. A kiss and good luck! "


Joyce Moreno

Singer and composer, Rio de Janeiro


Lili Araujo is a singer, songwriter and cultural producer from Rio de Janeiro. She already has released three CDs solo: “ARRIBAÇÃO” in 2008,

CASA ABERTA” in 2012, “BEM NATURAL” in 2016.

After being certified in popular singing by the technical course at Villa Lobos Music School, in Rio de Janeiro, in 2000, the artist moved to Vienna (Austria), where she lived for three years. It was in Europe that her career emerged with presentations and participations in the main jazz clubs, festivals and concert halls. Lili has performed at:

  • Stockholm Jazz Festival (Sweden);

  • International Jazz Festival of Punta del Este (Urugay);

  • Porgy & Bess (Jazz Club – Vienna - Austria);

  • Jazzhus Montmartre (Jazz Club – Copenhagen – Denmark);

  • Unterfarth (Jazz Club – Munique – Germany);

  • Moods (Jazz Club – Zurich – Switzerland);

  • Fnac Lausane (Switzerland);

  • The Bird’s Eye (Jazz Club – Basel – Switzerland);

  • Stalett (Stockholm - Sweden);

  • Upsala Jazz Club (Upsala – Sweden);

  • Beboop Club (Buenos Aires – Argentina).

" Lili Araujo,

is a cultural producer,

Brazilian singer

and songwriter. "

In 2008, she released her first work, the CD “ARRIBAÇÃO”, in Austria. She came back to Brazil in the end of 2008 and performed concerts to release your first CD in specific places of culture in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Also, Lili received great praise from critics with this CD. In mid-2009, she did a small tour around Europe with this same album repertoire, through the cities of Vienna, Schwaz (Tirol), London, Lausanne, Lisbon and Stockholm.

Her second album, “CASA ABERTA”, features eleven songs, some of them were entirely composed by her (lyrics and music), as well as reinterpretations of renowned composers of unknown songs of Brazilian music, like João Donato, who also participated playing piano on the same track.

As in the first CD, “CASA ABERTA” suggests a jazzy atmosphere. The basic arrangements were signed by the Austrian pianist Martin Reiter and the guitarist Daniel Santiago.

BEM NATURAL” is her third solo project released in 2016, which presents ten new songs composed by her own, accompanied by a group of the best popular musicians from Brazil. Mixing “Bossa Nova” and other Brazilian rhythms with elements from the electronic music. In this work, the artist is seeking a more modern and pop sound. The musical production is signed by the bassist and producer André Vasconcellos (Hamilton de Holanda and Djavan’s bassist).

Currently, Lili is finish producing her fourth solo project called “DÁJAZZ”.

In “DÁJAZZ”, Lili Araujo presents original songs, some in partnership with the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alegre Corrêa, her long-time musical partner. They met in 2005 in Vienna, where Lili lived for three years. Since then, the partners have been composing together and already have songs recorded by other performers and more than 30 unreleased songs together.

Besides Alegre Corrêa on drums, guitar, vocal, arrangements and musical codirection, “DÁJAZZ” counts on the pianist Salomão Soares, one of the pianists in highlighted in the Brazilian music scene, the bass player Rodrigo Lúcio, and Henrique Band in the wind instruments and arrangements. Also, the project has a special participation of Lili’s musical partner and personal friend, the singer, songwriter and instrumentalist François Muleka.


Recorded live in March 2019, “DÁJAZZ” is scheduled to be released in the early part of the second half of 2019.

DÁJAZZ” is a mix of Brazilian Popular Music (MPB), “Bossa nova”, “Samba-jazz” with a jazzy language that incorporates all three solos works signed by the artist previously.

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