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In this work, Lili presents original songs, some in partnership with the composer and multi-instrumentalist Alegre Corrêa, her long time musical partner.

They met in 2005 in Vienna, where Lili lived for three years.
Besides Alegre on drums, guitar, vocal, arrangements and musical codirection with Lili, “DÁJAZZ” has Salomão Soares, one of the most highlighted pianists of Brazilian music scene, the bass player Rodrigo Lúcio and Henrique Band in the wind instruments and also in the arrangements. The project has a special participation of Lili’s old friend: the singer, composer and instrumentalist François Muleka. 

New album

from jazz singer Lili Araujo


Recorded live in March 2019, “DÁJAZZ” is scheduled to be released in the early second half of 2019. 
“DÁJAZZ” is a mix of Brazilian Popular Music (MPB), “Bossa nova” and “Samba-jazz” with a jazzy language that incorporates all three solo works signed by the artist previously.

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